Making Money Selling Bodily Fluids

Need to make a quick buck to buy something? Pay some expenses? The usual way to go is either looking for a part-time job or starting a quick business.

However, if you want one that doesn’t need many materials but just yourself, then you can try selling your own bodily fluids. That’s right and here are the review of the best brands, your own bodily fluids now have a real market and are a booming business venture. People certainly buy these, from breast milk to even your own urine.

It may seem weird at first, but think of it as a rightful exchange where it benefits everyone involved – you who receives the money and the person who receives the needed bodily fluid/s.


Sperm donations pay well and are easy to do, so they say. They do pay well, but there are necessary requirements that must be met by donors like height, a healthy BMI, age, and a college degree.

After meeting the requirements, there is still the strict assessment in terms of an interview about your sexual life, your family background along with an extensive evaluation of your family history, reasons for participating in the program, and a few medical check-ups (physically and genetically).

If you are able to pass, then congratulations. The easy part finally begins where the ever-familiar donation process is done in a private room alone with provided reading material. Rates are set up by the sperm banks themselves, but they are usually ranged from $30-$200. It pays big money but not really fast and easy overall.


You can’t make money donating blood anymore but you can with plasma, the clear fluid part of the blood that’s made of enzymes and antibodies. It can be used in treating people with blood clotting disorders and autoimmune diseases.

You’re eligible to give when you’re between the ages 18-69 years old and are in great health. It’s just similar in doing red blood donation. Make sure to check any other requirements from the company you’re selling to.

The rates are set up by the blood banks but are generally priced $20-$50 per donation. It also depends on how much is the volume of plasma you’re donating within the prescribed ranges. Private centers allow you to donate, with at least a day in between, twice at max in a week.


This is a perfect way for moms who produce more milk than needed to earn some extra money and at the same time and help out other moms out in their dilemma being unable to produce their own natural breast milk for their babies.

There are two ways you can sell your breast milk; one is through personally advertising online and two is through milk banks where they collect the milk and process it.

The milk can be sold $1.50-$3 per ounce. Do take note though that babies need about 13-42 ounces of milk, depending on their weight. So, prepare lots of milk beforehand!


Yes, you heard it. Your own pee can be sold for about $20 per ounce. The rates for buyers are different depending on their suppliers. It all comes down on how much the former really needs the urine.

The market for selling pure or synthetic urine is mostly directed to clients who need to pass a urinalysis for work, sports, and even parole when their own urine is unable to do so for them.

In the end, it all comes down to demand and supply. If there’s a high demand for something, sooner or later, someone will step up and make a business out of it. People, both suppliers and buyers, will come rushing in just to earn some money and benefit from this industry.

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