How a Collective of Mothers Flipped the Script on Housing

All countries probably had one or two more problems within their area when it comes to sell your home fast, and this case in Oakland is no different. From house buying and flipping to front door smashing, they experience it all.

Maybe one notable incident that had happened this year is how a collective of mothers specifically black woman activists had raised awareness for the city’s housing crisis.

Forceful Eviction in 2020

Earlier in the year 2020, a forceful eviction in West Oakland was being brought out by the Alameda County Sheriff. The target? The members of Moms 4 Housing. They are a group of black mothers who had shown deep roots in Oakland.

After purchasing and occupying a vacant house, they made a public statement wherein they stated their occupation which is directed to the city’s housing crisis. According to them, people particularly children had sat on the streets homeless while empty houses stood perfectly fine and in good shape all around the City.

The Moms 4 Housing even had to go to the Alameda County Superior Court and face off against a judge who had ordered their removal from the building.

As the members refused to comply, a huge public blockade rally with an overwhelming display of support from all over the country and world stood.

The very next day, two of the members as well as their supporters were arrested for having to stand on the street rallying. Later that afternoon they were released however one of Wedgewood’s publicists sought out the media and had declared victory over the allegedly illegal occupation of the women.

A Campaign that Became a Movement

The campaign however had no reason to back down, the campaign grew into a movement having thousands of supporters from all over the country and world.

They seek to stop the rampant gentrification, housing inequity, and real estate speculations which have caused several damages to all people for years. The Moms 4 Housing organization stood within their ground and continued to fight for the reframing of the national discourse around housing justice.

Well, they certainly succeeded with that bind as the Oakland Community Land Trust announced their negotiation with Wedgewood in terms of purchasing the property. The collective mothers would also be moving back in. The Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf was also stated to be the one who brokered the deal about the negotiation with Wedgewood.

Homelessness in Oakland

Homelessness had been one of the most troublesome problems that Oakland had handled. Over the past two years, 47 percent of Oakland’s residences had been experiencing homelessness and statistics had shown that mostly black communities were the ones affected.

Seventy percent of the said data are unhoused black people in Oakland which makes us look on a different perspective like racism. It may not have been intentional and fully coincidental but the loss of one’s home had been one of the most difficult cases not only with American cities but also around the world.


Gentrification, Displacements, Criminalization of the poor and Homelessness, are just some of the cases you should be aware of as our world changes, and the gap between generations is closed in by new methods and ideals.

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