Basic Skin Care Routine For Every Mother

Can you imagine working at home, doing all the chores, and attending to kids while having a side hustle and dealing with the husband’s antics? As you can read on Oily Skin Group, 24 hours are not enough for a mother. While doing all the tasks, some things are needed to be sacrificed, like appearances.

Since time is of the essence, good thing there is a skincare routine so simple that even a busy mother can try. If you are a mom yourself, try the following basic procedures for oily skin treatment and skin hydration. If not, then you are encouraged to recommend this effective routine.

What Products Are Needed To Prepare?

Before we get started, you need to prepare the following items. They don’t need to be premium brands. As long as they are legitimate products, those can very much suffice.


A good facial cleanser will depend on the skin type you have. Choose either dry, oil, or combination. When in doubt, settle for the cleanser for combination skin type.


A facial toner is used for smoothening the face and making it appear fresh. This is possible because of the nourishment from the toner.


To select a moisturizer, make sure it can make your skin feel soft and hydrated regardless of your skin type.

Procedures Of Application

Now that you have prepared the necessary items, it is time for the application.

Using The Cleanser

To remove all the accumulated oil and dirt on your face, it is important to cleanse the face at least twice a day: after waking up in the morning and before going to bed. Cleansing promotes stimulation of the blood circulation and hence the glowing of skin.

Put a small amount of a cleanser, about the size of a penny, on the fingers.

Apply to either side of the face in a circular motion until the surface is fully covered.

When the selected surface of the face is covered, rinse it off with tap water.

Dry the face with a clean, dry towel.

An ‘exfoliating face wash’ is a great substitute for cleanser. Try using the said product around once or twice a week. This will help in removing dead skin cells accumulated in the face.

Applying Of Toner

After a few good minutes of cleansing the face, you will proceed in applying the toner. So that the skin’s pH level is balanced, the toner to be used should be alcohol-free.

Put an ample amount of toner on the cotton pad, enough to make it damp.

Wipe the entire face being cleansed thoroughly. Make sure to avoid sensitive areas like the eyes and lips.

After the application, do not rinse off with water. Pat your skin with a dry towel. Let it breathe and dry gradually.


After drying your toner-applied face, it is time for moisturizing. So that your skin will have additional safety, select a moisturizer with sun protection capability. This will prevent your skin from drying up due to the hot weather condition.

Take a little amount of a moisturizer, around the size of your two fingertips.

Apply the moisturizer through a gentle massage of the face in a circular motion.

For the eye area, use an eye cream instead.


The simple skincare routine comprises of the three: using a cleanser (or exfoliating face wash at certain times), applying toner, and moisturizing. This must be done twice a day to achieve optimal results. Make sure that the products to be used will not cause problems to the skin.

Even for a busy mother, it will only take around 5 minutes each session. Although a mother has many tasks, she is a woman after all, and taking care of her appearance is naturally a right.

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