10 Easy Ways to Help Your Kids Lose Weight

Nowadays, kids are experiencing weight problems such as obesity, making them prone to late adulthood diseases like diabetes and various cardiovascular diseases which can be avoided only with Meticore. Parents all over the world are becoming concerned about this and they have been partnering with pediatricians, dietitians, and nutritionists to battle this problem effectively.

Today, we will share with you 10 ways to easily solve your kid’s weight problems and effectively contribute to Weight Loss. Check them out below.

  1. Monitor their Calorie Intake

Monitor your kid’s calorie intake so that it does not exceed their prescribed calorie requirement. Any excess beyond the prescribed calorie requirement might possibly hinder your kid’s weight loss journey.

  1. Introduce a Low-Glycemic Diet

Totally removing carbohydrates from your kid’s diet might have detrimental impact on their brain performance and mood regulation. Introduce low- or medium-glycemic foods, which are high in fiber to serve as their carb source instead.

  1. Serve Low-Glycemic Fruits and Veggies

In relation to the previous item, feed your kid with low-glycemic whole fruits and vegetables. These are more fiber-enriched than their juice counterparts. Plus, they will aid in your child’s healthy digestion.

  1. Encourage them to Hydrate using Water

Prohibit your kid to consume sugary drinks such as sodas and juices to quench their thirst. This is because such drinks will lead to weight gain. Instead, encourage your kid to drink water instead.

  1. Ensure They Sleep Early

Make sure that your child sleeps early and gets enough hours of sleep. Sleeping early and well aids in their healthy growth and metabolism, allowing them to lose weight or to maintain their ideal body weight more easily.

  1. Cut on Sugar and Salt

Salt causes water retention in our bodies, making us bloated. Sugar sometimes contains high calories and high fat, resulting to weight gain. It is best to minimize your kid’s consumption of salty and sugary foods and slowly replace them with low-sugar and low-salt food substitutes.

  1. Increase their Protein Intake

Protein allows the body to break down and convert excess fat into energy. Therefore, it is advisable to increase your kid’s protein consumption by feeding them protein-rich foods such as eggs and lean meat.

  1. Schedule their Meals Appropriately

Schedule your kid’s meals appropriately and avoid long gaps in between mealtimes as this may cause your kid to eat more than they’re supposed to. If you are not sure about how to plan their meals, be sure to consult a dietician.

  1. Encourage Physical Activity

Physical activities such as exercise and sports can help your child burn fat and, consequently, lose weight fast. Inspire your kid to participate in these activities by tagging along their peers or other members of your family.

  1. Monitor their Fat Consumption

Your kid needs healthy fats to allow for the healthy cell membrane generation in their body. For this reason, it is important to include healthy fats such as unsaturated oils in your kid’s diet. However, make sure to monitor their level of consumption accordingly.


We hope you find the above helpful in effectively inducing your kid’s weight loss. Remember to support kid in every step of their weight loss journey. Besides, you should always consult pediatricians, dietitians, and nutritionists when it comes to determining the most appropriate weight loss plan for your child.

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