Keeping your Child’s Teeth Healthy

When should my child see a dentist? How can I prevent cavities on his teeth? How can I know if he needs to have braces? These are only a few questions every parent has in mind concerning their child’s dental health.

A lot of parents are worried about how much oral care their kids need. Parents want to take care of their child’s dental health but they don’t know how to do so. Let’s take a look at these guidelines and tips to maintain your child’s healthy teeth.

  1. When does a child should begin brushing their teeth?

Good oral care should start from the moment a tooth appears. Even if you don’t see the tooth yet in his mouth, it doesn’t negate its existence. Teeth actually begin to grow in the second trimester during your pregnancy. Once a baby is finally born, he would have 20 teeth developed on his jaw.

As such, even when a tooth doesn’t show up yet, it is recommended that you clean his gums with a clean damp cloth. This is important to keep away the germs or bacteria from his mouth.

  1. When is the right time for a kid to see a dentist?

Most dentists recommend that children should see a dentist as soon as they reach one-year-old. In their first visit, the dentist will explain to you the dental supplies, brushing, flossing techniques that are needed for your child’s healthy teeth.

These visits would help you monitor your child’s dental health. It is also a good way for a kid to get used to seeing a dentist prevent fear about seeing a dentist as he grows older.

  1. How to prevent cavities?

Cavities occur when bacteria and food are left after eating without brushing the teeth. Acid stays on the tooth making the enamel fragile until a hole or cavity is formed.

To keep your child’s tooth from developing cavities, always practice good oral habits, make use of Fluoride to keep the enamel strong, and limit some sweet food such as chocolates, candies, juice, etc.

  1. What dental problems may occur to my child?

If either of the parents is prone to gum diseases or tooth decay chances are your kid would be high risk, too. Even if he has the best dental habit, he can’t prevent cavities and other tooth diseases. If a child suffers from tooth pain, call the dentist immediately as it may be a sign of tooth cavity.


As much as it is important to watch for your child’s healthy growth and development, his overall oral health is vital, too. However, with all the things that you need to deal with a growing baby, his oral health is sometimes compromised.

As such, the best thing to do for your child’s teeth is a regular check-up from the dentist. In this way, you are assured that your child’s teeth are growing healthily and properly. Going to the dentist at least two times a year can help prevent or stop tooth problems in its tracks.

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